FLIGHT by @ayeshakajee

Ayesha Kajee | September 15th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Little things
banal, not rare
when you absently smooth my hair
or the tread of your foot on the stair
those little things
set them aflutter.
When you call
for no good reason at all
at the sound of your voice
smooth as butter,
they sing.
But it’s the smile
in your eyes
when you rarely really see me
that’s when the birds in my heart
Take Wing.

Poet Bio

@ayeshakajee is a storyteller, poet and rights activist whose research on governance and democracy in many parts of sub-saharan Africa has been published in various media. Her research interests include post-conflict transformation, socio-economic renewal and gender and environmental rights. She writes because she can’t not.

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