Flirting with Death by Frankie Bielfeld

Frankie Bielfeld | June 21st, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

I flirt with Death every night until
no one else remains, but she doesn’t
even give me her number.
When I try to kiss her she flinches
and turns away from me,
She always leaves me to dream
of her in my immortality.
Sometimes I remember that Satisfaction
and Desire can’t live in the same house together;
The one always kills the other but
I’ll still be flirting with Death tonight.

Poet Bio

Frankie Bielfeld is a South African writer and literary scholar. He is currently pursuing his MA. in English Literature at the North-West University. Some of his main interests include post-modern fiction, David Mitchell, and phenomenology.

You can follow him on Twitter (@FrankieBielfeld) and Facebook (@frankie.bielfeld).

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