Flowerpot Ash by Genady Arkhipau

Genady Arkhipau | September 19th, 2018 | poetry | 1 Comment

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Quietly rad with cerulean blue,
Park is deserted, left for
Lone bicyclist stretching the edges,
Whipping the city with angst.
You float boringly confident, weightless
A fish, that’s too big for my net.
By the magic of night – replaced.
Reduced, to a dark silhouette.
Flavoured joint – lighting your face,
Brand: your own latent sadness.
Selling the mythical gloom,
Served under a bold, mysterious vibe.
Blue smoke fills gray holes of your soul
Scorched by the fire that you once were.
Now – just pale cigarette ash,
Carelessly spilled into an outdoor flowerpot –
“It’s organic, and good for the plants”
Till next spring.

Poet Bio

Genady Arkhipau is an international award-winning non-objective painter, who had recently rediscovered contemporary poetry, and is seeking to explore the relationship between line and shape (both written and drawn), and visual and verbal in general. Genady believes uniting two abstract art forms: confessional poetry and non-objective painting, in an
indirect way, is a great and demanding challenge; conveying both emotional and structural elements through color and brushwork, while drawing from communal interaction and human stories will bring more understanding and ways to participate in a practice of art-making and art as therapy.

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1 thought on “Flowerpot Ash by Genady Arkhipau”

  1. Reading this poetry masterpiece with a glass of beaujolais villages in my hand. Bravo, Genady!

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