Flowers for you Tshegofatjo

Tshegofatjo | March 25th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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grief is love miscarried.
love that never fully hatched.
a broken anticipation.
love that wanders with no address.

grief is
a ghost of unfished love back
begging you to finish.

a lost lover reincarnates as an old habit.
a relapse.
the bottle is a flashlight
to my darkness.
i say your name after two bottles.
i burp your taste.
i make a graveyard out of the dance floor.
to dance with ghosts remaining from
the songs you loved.

can you smell the flowers
when i call your name?
am i vomiting them rotten?
does this grief make my mouth stink?
where do i take all this love for you?
these flowers?

Poet Bio

An engineer who does poetry sometimes.

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