Flying Bullets by Halalisani Ntshangase

Halalisani Ntshangase | May 21st, 2014 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


I am merely fatigued by always dodging insults as if there were bullets
The truth used to be beautiful until the poison in our tongues reduced it.
Our constructive minds have pieced words together to build skyscrapers
That collapse resulting from effortless behavior

It is raining grenades in a world so full of hatred
Can’t seem to get in touch with the chained souls that never got emancipated
The future speaks of freedom but the past reminds them of oppression
They’ve worked so hard until their bodies got numb and now they can’t feel liberation

The air we breathe contains the most dangerous gas, deception, and it blinds us completely
Yet it convincingly satisfies us sweetly
Stand up and use your knowledge to shield your delicate minds
Before these flying bullets destroy mankind

Poet Bio

I am a young man from Empangeni, currently studying in Durban University of Technology. I am studying drama and I am so passionate about the arts.


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