Food, not for thought by Tosin

Tosin Otitoju | August 2nd, 2011 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

There was a man from Biu
Who built two storeys new
This home faced the bath
He had binoculars
Though you didn’t see him, he could see you.

There was a woman from Calabar
Whose bum as she walked went ra-pa-pah.
Stranger bought her some fish
And she made him a dish
After which he expressed his thanks to her.

There was a boy from the Delta
Who liked the local chief’s daughter.
In advance of his sin
A whole day of fasting
By evening he got a kiss from her.

There was a girl from Kano
Out selling fura da nono
A man with a knife
Mistook her for his wife
Where the girl dropped his pecker, we don’t know.

Poet Bio

Tosin Otitoju is a Nigerian engineer, academic, and writer.  Her first poetry collection, Comrade, was published in 2010, while Yalla!, a collection of travel poetry, will be published in 2011.  She blogs regularly, including at

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