Footprints of the Heart by Mpoba Monyeke

Mpoba Monyeke | September 10th, 2017 | a poem a day challenge | No Comments

The voice of this poetic lyricist speaks vibrantly

Through a flexible fluent fluid tongue of a pen,

With metaphors and similes connecting,

Intertwining and coinciding articulately portraying

Footprints of the heart extolled in verse

Through this art form.

Words pouring upon the pores of my porous soul,

Painting my poetic lyricism with radiant colors

Of truth as I speak to you.

I speak with the voice that shakes the lungs

In my chest, and vibrates in the membranes

At the back of your brains,

With the sand of these shores,

I weave the strings that will link you to your dreams

Forget your flaws; bury the story of your sad past

But shape the land-paths that will give you the glory

Let your dreams be the footprints of your heart!

Let them nurture you

Let them groom you,

Let them mould you

Let them inspire you,

Let them nourish your character’s finest texture

Let them rebirth your soul

Let them restructure your twisted present

To offer you a fruitful future

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