For Her We Fought by N.Hymn

N.Hymn | May 15th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


Freedom was never easy,
But she was our only option.
For her we wear these scars.
They remind us of our youth.
When we were stubborn, bold and naive
And when life seemed to be awaiting to be lived.
But our lives were never ours
History had printed them for the course.

The fight for Freedom took away our dreams
And gave us nightmares
Of blazing rings and shrieking horror,
Of gunshots singing and making us dance on wasted beings,
Of wheezing cries and piercing sirens,
Of violent red pastel shrouds,
And of freshly dug earth.
But she gave us the right to be human.

Poet Bio

N.Hymn is a short story writer who is trying his hand on poetry. He is an accounting student who hopes to make it in South African literature.

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