For my beloved by Mia

Mia | August 7th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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many a poem has been
carved into time
left to the lovers
whose hearts chant and chime
the songs of their love.
many a poem has been
whispered into the ear
of the lovers who hear
none but the names of their love.
but this poem that i write
will be sung every night
for i too have a beloved
whom i wish to delight.

my dear,
before you begin to sink into the clouds
sing to yourself a sweet sound
of love.
your beauty is not bound
by my limited sight
your beauty is infinite
and you are light.

the beauty of this beloved
many times did i fail to see
i scorned this beloved
for this beloved is me.

Poet Bio

Mia is a lover of words and all things poetic.


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