For once we thought we were there! by Khomotjo Manthata

Khomotjo Manthata | August 5th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

When Memory banks go random, the conscious mind intuits dimensions beyond imagination.
   When brown is black, the human spirit moves what should be.

Death cannot remember the laughter,
   The very same laughter that is so larger than a singular birth.
I sit here and remember the taste of desire…
   In anguished unfolds confusion and borrowed fears.

They threatened me with guns and banishment when I told them about love.
   Kaffirs? Yes, I know them; said the white man.
What will you inherit, above the dark veil of night?

We might have been soldiers or geologists,
   But a song of robust and piecing fused and burnt our hearts.
Timeless I started losing my magnanimity beyond measure for the white man.
   But now I have to live to sing the song of liberty and that is what you hear between the silence.

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