For One Time by Lil_rams

Lil_rams | May 17th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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For One Time
I paused and listened
listened to the song all men sing
stepping out of that world of dreams and goals
it got me losing focus
For one time
I sang along, but that song broke me.
time got wasted, heart got hurt and dreams were shattered. In a short time I befriended tears and regret
For one time
he said I love you
and i loved hole heartedly
but his love was a bluff. It was just after I chose him, wifely and motherly duties before he went back to his beloved
For one time
with that song I was a concubine
For one time
and one time only

Poet Bio

Lil_rams is a 19 year old poet whom started poetry at an early age in the dusty rural areas of Limpopo (monsterlus). she matriculated in 2015 but she is currently not in school due to lack of funds… she love poetry too much though she can’t find a platform to share her poetic skills as well as her poem’s.

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