For secrets hidden within to arise by Dafa

Dafa | February 25th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

why don’t I know what’s on your mind
is it because I’m blind
and, does that make you one of a find
when all are humankind

oh, you catch me by surprise
when I’m lying by your side
and your heart I have to prise
for secrets hidden within to arise

so you rode me on a kite
hamstrung like on a flight
wind tossing me to my plight
as if I have no right

I saw an avalanche of your tears
deeply embedded within my fears
as I walked on piers
to drown our bloody spears

so I ran to religion
hoping to join the legion
and you would be in the region
making love like a pigeon

i saw a shooting star and made a wish
that until death do come slash
what we had was a crush
then you stole it from death in a flash

for secrets hidden within to arise

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