Forged Love by كوثر

كوثر | Sep 12th, 2020 | poetry | No Comments


I loved you raw.
I saw you inside out and cherished your every form;
To the ends of your smile,
The length of your hair,
The shimmer of a bare face.

You were a rose that had fallen into my intemperate hands.
so, I held you and caressed your thorns
For hurt is only disappointment
Blood is only blood
Peitho? I was disposed to bleed for your love.

And if your flaws could speak ,they would whisper love letters as bold as heartbreak.
For a Soothsayer could not foretell a buffoon like me.

Poet Bio

I’m a 20year old writer. I have been writing since the 6th grade and writing has become a coping mechanism.
I do hope someday my writing will get published and become a known writer.

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