Forgiveness by Prince Lesito

Prince Lesito | May 1st, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


This comes from the heart
Whenever you lift that bottle
One would swear you’re drinking a tart
I was young and hurting
I was trying to look after queen
The things i said i never meant
There’s no such thing as a useless father
But there is a thing such as a hurting one
I regret the day i put these hands on you
I swear that day i was fed up with you
Queen never taught me that
Respect and humility i was raised like that
The ocean has a way of calling me home
A fish surrounded by sharks
That’s exactly how it felt at home
How can i heal
How can i be
I’m trapped in my conscience
Please Issac forgive me
There is healing in my heart
I will try to face the world and rise up
I still love you
Bless up

Poet Bio

I am a writer and a poet from the origins of sebokeng zone 14, my writing is connected exactly to how i feel, see the world and comprehend the world around me. Authenticity is my best freind

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