Free Fall by CJ

CJ | May 1st, 2012 | poetry | No Comments

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Silence screams, soundproof pain, not willing to share
Cause she yells and no one seems to even hear
But then she heard the voice of the Love whisper sounds of Hope
Wiping away tears of fear of and endless doubt smoke
That clouded her mind but now she’s grateful for the free fall
Because in it all, she’s sky diving in Change without control

Without a parachute of ‘just in case’
Without an instructor of ‘worldly advice’
Without fear
Without setbacks
Without getting in her own way

Because she now embraces Gravity
She sees the beauty in the free fall of the unknown story
Cause she knows, no matter what, she ill always land in Yahweh
The endless Book of Life, writing out her personal path everyday
Using people and reality as a map to guide the way

Now she is the ‘plan’ high in the air – a servant
Encouraging others to join in the thrill of the Free Fall…

Poet Bio

Spoken Word…driven to unleash the mind to unlock hidden potentials. I’m about Christ and living it out. #RealTalk

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