Free Palestine by Charl Landsberg

Charl Landsberg | October 24th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments

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Israel has squeezed its colony,
a snake coiled around it’s prey,
for seventy-five years to this day,
funded by US taxes, a blood fee,
founding and funding terrorists,
to create factionalism and hate,
a false target for an Apartheid state.
A Middle-Eastern Cointelpro.
Hamas a child of Israel,
hatched to destabilize freedom.
Now a monster eating its own tail.
While the people of Gaza,
human beings, children,
being crushed in coils of politics.
A concentration camp, a genocide.
Attacking Muslim, Christian, and Jew,
for the crime of being Arab too.
Bombing hospitals, churches, schools,
bombing the evacuees.
Leaving no roads to cross.
Their human victims starved for slaughter.
Starved of food, medicine, water.
Israel claims to be founded by survivors,
who by all right should know,
that where fascists plant bodies,
new resistance will always grow.
That Apartheid always dies hungry,
injustice will always atrophy
And in the end from the river to the sea,
Palestine will be free.

Poet Bio

Charl Landsberg (they/them) is a South African transgender person who’s work often focusses on issues of social justice, feminism, intersectionality, LGBTQIA+ rights, etc.

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