Freedom is in pure Nature by Paula Puolakka

Paula Puolakka | Apr 27th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


What you didn’t need a month ago,
you don’t need today.
What you didn’t need a year ago,
you don’t need today.
What you didn’t need ten years ago,
you don’t need today.
What was unknown a hundred years ago,
is irrelevant today.
Yet, every day new inventions are being made
and the world keeps filling up with the electric
this-and-that, pure waste,
and the minerals to manufacture the gadgets are being dug up
because of which there are poison lakes,
dangerous to poor men, women, and children,
not to mention to the trees and animals,
in different parts of Africa, America, the Middle East, Europe,
and Russia.

Freedom is in pure Nature,
in the visions of the Garden of Eden,
in the pictures of
Sri Krishna walking through the forests of India,
in the minds of the elves of Tolkien,
created by using the myths of the
ancient Finns.
But yet, collectively, people choose to embrace
dirt and to be the prisoners of metal and concrete blocks
and Beat poems are just suffocated echoes for freedom:
never enough to break the physical walls
keeping us away from the soft grass and moss.

Poet Bio

Paula Puolakka is a writer, Beat poet, and MA (History of Science and Ideas) who has won poetry, short story, and essay competitions held in the USA, Israel, and Finland. Her independent pieces can be found, for example, through the Asexual, Genre: Urban Arts, Edify Fiction, and Arts Quarter Books. To look forward to, her poems and short stories will be displayed through Voice of Eve, White Wall Review (Instagram,) Curating Alexandria, and Arts Quarter Books in spring and summer 2019.

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