Freedom Time (Let’s get free) by Julian Masindi

Julian Masindi | March 4th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Oceans flow in between conversations
Mating with constellations
Freeing our minds going with open eyes
The world is a bad place for good people like us

A Rebel living in a world of believers of vanity, sanity isn’t normality we are all weeds growing in the wild, they never believed in us so they cut us off.

Police are allowed to kill, we live in world were you have to have a license to kill the other.

The world is caught in systemic minds and forgot about their own minds we’re living through boarder lines always mentally tested. Non but ourselves could free our minds…

I hate being dressed in the image of authority and not dressed in my own properties.

Let’s free our minds and live with open eyes, non but ourselves could free our minds.

We’re living in a world were freedom isn’t free, we’re slaves with slaved minds and locked our bodies in white cages, all we got is 4000 years of the same philosophy in this land we call home.

Let’s get free.
Freedom time!!!

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