Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often to you publish poetry?
  • We publish poetry online every week day and in print four times a year.

  • Do you host poetry sessions / events / open mics / spoken word sessions?
  • No, we do not. Our focus is publishing. But if you follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, we you can find out about events that we hear about.

  • I submitted my poem weeks ago and it’s still not on th website. Where is it?
  • If you still haven’t heard from us then perhaps we have decided not to publish it. Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions we receive, we don’t have capacity to send out rejection emails.

  • When you publish my poem do I get paid?
  • Not yet. Poetry Potion is still very much a non-profit publication. But we are working towards changing this. We will update you in future.

  • I have lots of poems that I wans to publish into a book, will Poetry Potion publish my book?
  • No. At the moment, our focus is anthologising poems in online and in our print journal. We suggest that you look on this link to see some poetry publishers we have profiled previously -> Publishers

  • Poetry Potion has published my poem, does that mean I don’t own it anymore?
  • No, your copyright belongs to you as the originator of the work. You may publish it anywhere else if you want.

  • Hello, I would like to contribute poetry. How do I go about it?
  • At the stop of this window there are two options for you to choose “SUBMIT FOR PRINT QUARTERLY” and “SUBMIT YOUR POEM” click on there – all the info is there.

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