Fresh Lavender and Sassy Rosemary Andisiwe Nakani

Andisiwe Nakani | November 23rd, 2022 | poetry | No Comments

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My words sometimes despise paper
They dance like fairies in paradise
In my head, they sound like melodies
They twirl around flirting with my imagination
Drunk on love
Some potion.
Mystical, magical, and utterly blissful
I am seduced.
I can smell them.
They are fresh lavender and sassy rosemary
I can see their beautiful colours.
They are arousing.

So I quickly rise to capture their beauty.
Make vivid their meaning.
They flee. Like birds of paradise,
Bright and beautiful.
They are proud. They stand proud and aloof.
They flee.

I can still smell them,
Fresh lavender and sassy rosemary.
Yet so elusive.
So I pen this down and give thanks
For the brief encounter.

Shut my eyes once more and pray
I witness the dance once more,
Fresh lavender and sassy rosemary.
That’s the smell of my waltzing words
In the paradise of dreams.

Poet Bio

Andisiwe is a freestyle creative, mental health advocate and Town Planner by training. Born in Cofimvaba, in the Eastern Cape, she now lives in Johannesburg. She is a mother to a beautiful 3-year-old boy who keeps her fit and fresh, so she says. She dabbles in different forms of art as a means to quieten the mind and soothe the soul.

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