Frisson by Sarah Josie Pridgeon

Sarah Josie Pridgeon | November 16th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments


I am small and squirmish
You cannot see me
But I know you.
I have known you
And I know you would like
To see me.

I am the itch
You like to scratch.
I am hungry.
Tick, tick.
Flickering fingers
I am rheumy, in your eyes
And you need to see

I come out
Through the ink
When it is dark.
The mirrors.
The flies.
The flute.
I juggle,
I chuckle!

Follow the rats and the children
Follow me to the water
Follow me to the secret desk
The last straw has snapped!
Unleashed like a kite, we fly
Three, three.
You and me:

And now,
You cannot unsee.
Etched and scratched behind your eyes
Gashed, your poor highschool heart glistens
Dirty shards,
Dirty hands

Because I am the cat
Curiosity gets,
Every time.

Poet Bio

Sarah Josie Pridgeon is an English speaker part-time lecturer in Bloemfontein. She has just completed her dissertation for Masters in English Studies at the University of the Free State. The title of her dissertation is ‘A Woman’s Pilgrimage to Herself through the Mother Complex: A Jungian Reading of Selected Works by Sylvia Plath’. She thoroughly enjoys Victorian writers and Confessional poetry.

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