From Mother to Me by Kwasa

Kwasa | June 22nd, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

She says
I am a universe
full of glory and things beautiful
inside are worlds in orbit
fixed around my epicentre

She says
I am a cyclone
with eye and heart so gentle
and words so gale and forceful
that wreaks havoc
wherever I go
destroying all around me
but cyclones do dissipate

She says
I’m getting heavier
the sun will go out
and worlds in orbit
will circle like vultures
and peck the light out of me

And that day, she says
I will remain a dull universe
cold in bitter agony
and emptiness and solitude
and shrinking…

Poet Bio

Mlondi Ndlovu is an Environmental Science student who loves human environments as he loves pen-to-paper. Poetry is his second nature after the greens along with jazz.

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