Fruit Tree by Botsana Maphanga

Botsana Maphanga | Jun 4th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


You are
a late blossomer
uninspired by sunlight’s splendour.

A wither of leaves, outstretched
on a myriad
of broken limbs.

A seeping tiredness
has wrapped itself around you,
and gravity

sits in your palms
and in the cracks that have formed
in your back.

When he is done with you,
you will only be the sweet, sticky sap
of a fruit tree

on the edge of his axe.

Poet Bio

Botsana Maphanga is currently a fourth-year medical student, studying at Wits University. She has a warm personality, a natural fondness for working with people and a glowing passion for writing.

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