Fugitive by Tumello Motabola

Tumello Motabola | Nov 14th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


She dances like there is petroleum in her coxa
to random men in the street who want to buy her.

I hide all my shameful habits in a crystal figurine
I leave in the sitting room for strangers to see.

At night we shiver, we set our matchboxes on fire,
suck on bulbi with smoking palsy lips – we claim life.

Sometimes when I am alone, I crawl to the sitting room.
My beautiful figurine on the floor, I tell you to dance.

Poet Bio

My name is Tumello Motabola, I am 19, I enjoy poetry (obviously) I enjoy Clifton Gachagua, Czeslaw Milosz and Mongane wally Serote. I enjoy the kind of poetry does not necessarily place meaning or much emphasis in the words so much as emotion. I guess its something semi-prose but still structured. Clifton Gachagua has mastered that. I am from Lesotho..which is technically in South Africa! I am young and I am learning and writing and will definitely still be writing in the future.

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