Gas Planet – Earth by Dark Plasma

Dark Plasma | November 30th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


‘Where the eagles cry
On a mountain high’
The cities lie in the heavenly sky
We, the citizens live on the fly

Born to never die
No life ever passes by..
Here, we never get to say goodbye
And no one ever wonders why

We exist as free, immortal spirits
As glorious as eternal life will merit
Our pure thoughts connect us, we have no secrets
And we truly live without having any regret

The air we breathe is magical
The words we speak are musical
We travel along lightning’s instantaneous path
Finding it enough to live off only our self-worth

Our homes are beautiful clouds afloat
And time is a constant, a never sinking boat
The trees are glowing rainbows,
Twisting as they grow like tornadoes

The sun is a beautiful melody
The moon and the stars, an amazing symphony
The atmosphere, always electric
The oceans, a love song’s powerful lyric

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. I live for the love of rock music and its psychedelic and poetic nostalgia. I’m a runner, a sketch artist, painter and sculptor. I love art and artistic expression.

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