Ghana-Afrika 1997 by Makhanda Senzangakhona

Makhanda Senzangakhona | September 15th, 2018 | poetry | 1 Comment


I wandered in Ghana
Beneath the Marble Arch
Of Justice and peace,
Past Nkrumah’s far-flung-foresight
Before Du Bois’
Stoic and stony final seat
I meandered,
among Kente draped ways
and the sun-splashed Art Centre,
I waded through,
The begging fingers,
Of urchins grating my skin
And the insisting hawkers
Clawing my eyes
With their wares
I wondered with
youth’s hindsight,
Of Africa’s founding fathers’ dream-
And the stubborn reality
Thwarting that dream:
Here I am,
Guessing Nkrumah’s’ thoughts,
Forty-seven years
After that incision,
Is it circumcision-
Into Nationhood,
And “reluctant surrender”
By British imperialism.
After that stirring breath,
The joy,
The ecstasy,
And crowning glory
Of fired imaginations,
Candidate independent colonies
The then unfolding struggles across the Continent:
Mau-Mau trenches,
Algerian bases,
Guinea Bissau- battles,
Frelimo Victory marches-
From bush-to-office
And MPLA home-coming.
I wondered,
What thoughts would
Nkrumah, Cabral, Ben-Bella & Mondlane think,
Of the distance traversed
Towards our Pan African Goal!
I cannot help wondering-
About Afrika-
And what it means elsewhere?

[Annotations- Visiting Accra]

Poet Bio

Makhanda Senzangakhona is the nome de guerre and pen name for Paul Oupa Serekele Ramachela. The author has retained the use of both names because he does not wish to be lost to his comrades nor become an alien to his family, and relations. Previously published poems, short stories and other narratives have appeared in the following publications, amongst others, Staff Rider, Rixaka, Mayibuye, Mrabulo and Black Letter Media-Poetrypotion.
The author has served in various roles in and outside SA; until recently he was a senior public servant.

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