Girls at war: Tea-time Terror by Manola Gayatri

Manola Gayatri | February 6th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments


(For Inshah Malik)

In a Southern city safe as a plateau
Rioting artillery reaches me on rolled-up paper
N’ television screens I don’t always care to switch on
Dreaming blue skies n purple grey horizons
Inhaling tulsi scents concentrating on breathing
I will not bear the sight of the mutilated dying
No, not as the first thing in the morning. No. Surely not.
A school friend from the border comes home for tea before
adding any sugar she speaks of holidays spent sweeping
children’s brains into papers with her journalist brother(17
I think, this is a little too much. Surely she needs therapy.
And though it’s all got a bit messy, we must finish our tea.


Poet Bio

Manola Gayatri writes, teaches and performs. Born in Bangalore, she is currently based in Pretoria.

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