Give us Barabas by Ephraim Zuva

Ephraim Zuva | June 5th, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

Looking into the distance
I see the marauder coming
Riding on judiciary
Riding on the ignorant

In fury he fast approaches
First to pact with the virtuous
Probable stumbling blocks he says
The ignorant commemorate his autonomy
In sacrifice they recall the righteous
Yelling, ‘give us Barabas’
Away with the Messiah
We want a King from our tribe

No matter the controversy around him
No matter the danger he pose to our woman
Young daughters and the old
Let alone the economy
Give us Barabas

Wait until your sister is the victim
Of the merciless Barabas
Out to swallow anything in a skirt
The smell of perfume
Ignites the immoral juices in him
Immorality is the fire that burns in him
He is too ignorant to discern
Shower aint no prescribed epidemic assuage

Look out, here comes the marauder
Off the hook into the jungle
Dressing in tribal combat
Enthusiasts round of applause
announces his popping

He is a stray projectile
He is the snake in our domicile
He is the witch in our quarters
The devil in an angel visage
Keep him in check

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