God Bless the Child by N.Hymn

N.Hymn | June 25th, 2015 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments


She had her smile down low.
Dripping black dressing her face.
Her cheap wig set aside on the floor
And her known body slumped next to it.
She was a mess made perfect with makeup,
And she was tired, and she was scared.
So she sat with the belt on her netted lap
Looking nervously at the ceiling,
She had been doing this forever,
But she didn’t know.
The day had been her longest in a while.
She had woke before the sunrise,
And by now the sun was slowly dying out,
So it had been forever.
Forever ended with a
Snap, crack and a thump.

Poet Bio

N.Hymn loves poetry and is trying his hand at being a poet. He studies commence and does poetry at his spare time.

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