God is a thief by Thato Simelane

Thato Simelane | December 27th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments

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God is a thief

When I unwrapped it I knew it was a Gift from God unfortunately
God’s gifts are not long-lasting in This World even those wrapped in
Priceless white garments, made for only one

A special gift like no other it brings
Joy and pain to the face of a young
One it guides the way like a star,
Like a star, it leads the way
When days are dark

Thieves work at night to
Mask their sinister acts , but
This one works in the light to brighten the darkest of days, to give
Us time to replace Birthday songs with dirges
To settle for a salty taste, to blow the candles knowing that no more wishes will ensue

The thief has done its deed and howling
It will not help when everyone is singing the same hymn
What was given has been taken
What remains is the blue ribbon
That exists out of sight
God is a thief

Poet Bio

I am a young poet from Kwazulu-Natal, I started writing poetry in grade 5 and I fell in love with the fact that words can mean different things to different people. I am 19 years old and I am currently studying. I love using words to convey a message my goal is to share my work with others who can relate when they read my poems. I enjoy reading books and my favorite author is Chinua Achebe, my favorite poet is William Blake, but I also enjoyed reading a few poems written by Bra Willie.

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