God is Bisexual by Adefolami Ademola

Adefolami Ademola | July 19th, 2017 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

one sudden saturday,
when the verdant sky had its translucent light
god woke, aroused, groggy from creation
and craving the luscious feel of masculine touches
he creates, in his own image, for his sexual orgies
a man, blessed with the handsome features of supreme beings
and the gift of intelligence
and god, seeing that he was good, fell in love
and so began the routine of evening intercourse
between man and god—a supernatural consummation
of two masculine bodies, sweaty from rigorous passion.

like man, a being known for his short attention span
god, bored by the sensual satisfaction from male ego
needed another being—maybe a new sex object
and seeing that he wielded the powers of creation
again, for his sexual explorations, he created another being-
from the crevices of existing protocols-
known for its succulent boobs and fleshy butts

and the story of creation
became a genesis of sexual orgies
between god and certain creatures
first in his likeness, and then another
an aggregation of soft mounds

and on the seventh day
he rested from the labour of
clumsy intercourse. and sex….

Poet Bio


Adefolami Ademola is a writer, poet, social commentator, and content writer.

While a Theatre Arts student at the prestigious Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria, his bold writings exposed him to threats from lecturers and students, for exposing the ills of the society, mirroring the university. But he remained undaunted and was popular for his intellectual insouciance.

A 2016 PIN (Poets in Nigeria) Poets’ Residency Fellow, his poem, “Memories, Regurgitated” inevitably made the Top Ten Shortlist in the 2016 edition of the Korea/Nigeria Cultural Poetry Fiesta.

He is presently a Public Relations Executive at WNTCAPITAS Consulting, a new-age media and strategic communications brand.


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