God never forgets! by Beula Kapp

Beula Kapp | Apr 26th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


I see you when I pass the road.
I see you when I drive.
I notice you in my rear view mirror, you must be cold.
No one to talk to but God.
Has everyone forgotten who you are?

It is funny how life works you know!
When the greenest pastures are at your disposal
you have family and friends for days on end.
But when your on the rougher tides, its like hide and seek
everyone disappears.

It leaves you broken, with bitterness, heartache and tears.

Let not grieve get in your heart for man has forgotten your face,
but God still showers you with grace.
It is not much but will help.
It is not my hand, but the hand of God.

I see you and you are not forgotten , for God lends you a helping hand.

Poet Bio

Beula Kapp an aspiring writer who enjoys reading and writing poetry and short stories.

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