Golden Mist by Shainal Morar

Shainal Morar | August 18th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

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On a day, a beautiful day
Laying in each other’s arms
We gazed upon a Golden Mist
An affirmation of what we embodied

The essence of everything
Within us and all around us
The entire world, the universe
The subatomic of all creation

To see this in motion
Twisting and twirling and flowing
Before our very eyes
Oh how blessed a moment

We marveled at its beauty
Both within and in front
We felt its essence
Caressing it in our palms

We shared this together
Understanding it’s very nature
The poem of the universe
And we were the verses

How fortunate we were
To witness the make up
Everything in its simplicity
The fabric of existence

The foundation of us
And in synchronicity
Connected deeper
The magic of the highest energy

An acceptance of us
And everything became nothing
A beautiful nothing
Where nothing is everything

We felt its beauty
It’s beauty transcended
And with her head on my chest
It engulfed us into one

An experience of Divinity
Through the physical and material
We travelled into bliss
Beyond yes and no or right and wrong

We sat there for many moments
Soaking in its eternal truth
Her hand in mine
One hand, One mind

She removed her reflection from my face
To look deeper into my eyes
Looking into eternity
She saw a Golden Mist

I touched her skin
The smooth softness of heaven
The feeling of eternity
I felt a Golden Mist

Now we’ve descended
A monstrous mess up
Never ever to feel the same
A valley between two mountains

A valley now with no bridge
Two mountains adjacent
One range, separate peaks
And now all we have is the mist

In a moment we will meet there
In the middle of the valley
Atop a bridge of mist between two peaks
A twisting, twirling, flowing bridge
In the land of Golden Mist

Poet Bio

Born in 1981, Shainal grew up in the small town of Klerksdorp. Growing up with a passion for all things sports, he often lost himself in playing and watching soccer. After matriculating he studied a business degree at Rhodes University and saw himself working in the financial services industry. Through the years, unknown to him, something was calling out to him from the depths. Fast track 10 years and that calling has come to the surface through his muse and love of his life. He now finds himself discovering his love for poetry and the true expression of his Soul.

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