The good guy by Jojomloyi

Jojomloyi | February 13th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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I, too, am the good guy
I was there when you needed me & I still don’t know why
I lend you my heart when you needed it & I never made you cry
You wanted out right from the start & I still wanted us to try
I still caressed you in the middle of the park, even though I was shy
You told me your deepest secrets & you said you never wanted our love to die
I revealed to you the skeletons in my closet, even though you were just kid under the sky
I might not have been the flawless man you’ve dreamed of, but I still never told you a lie
I keep hoping that one day you’ll see how beautiful I am & realize that I, too, am a good guy

Poet Bio

I write whats in my heart

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