Goodbye by R. Wong Botello

R. Wong Botello | February 24th, 2023 | poetry | No Comments


The shadow fades, night begins
darkness descends, I pray maybe one day
a flash, a flash, to never deprive
the promise of forever, say good night,
a golden-stained tear, until the end of time
so it will be, smile, a moment, a second, my child,
my youth, our time has come; we shall depart
scarred, soulless, a wilted flower on the table,
tormented, silent, as the curtain closes
this will be the last you hear from me,
torn, blighted, in the end, there is only sorrow.

Poet Bio

R. Wong Botello is a writer and poet. His mother is from China, and his father is from Mexico. His interest is to explore themes and stories which reflect a multiracial America.

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