Grass by Bad Poet

Bad Poet | July 21st, 2020 | poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

So brown and dry
The grass died
The frost captured it
For days and weeks
Deep inside death
Deep in hibernation
For it seems the same
Waiting, patiently
Does hibernation wait?
No, the viewer waits
Biology waits for nothing
The grass does nothing
Over time the sun comes closer
The rains come
The grass is reborn
Unyielding to death

Poet Bio

Bad Poet never liked English classes in school; in fact he thought they were a complete waste of time. Nowadays Bad Poet contemplates if he could have become better, had he tried to do better in those classes?

Bad Poet likes to contemplate life in all its complexity, beauty and pain; appreciating the hardships and pleasures, the poetic Ying and the Yang.

Bad Poet loves quantum physics, love and whisky.

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