Gridlines by Angela Nimah

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Poet Bio

The right energy matters are that of high spirits
Like dandelions and the number seven recurring in threes
There’s a newness in the sky
Pure and innocent
I’ve been writing so much poetry
It has freed me from my misery
The right energy matters are that of honesty and integrity
Like honoring the journey and staying true to the path
Everything matters
Everything coincides
Pay attention to the signs
You are at the right place
At the right time
At the right moment
With the right people
There are no mistakes
Everything is connected
Never take for granted the art of synchronicity
It is in the sequence of connection that we find our purpose
Everything is on purpose
Everything is orchestrated in accordance with our thoughts and deepest desires
You are now tuned in to the vibrational frequencies
Listen out for the silence
Listen out for the earthly rumbling
Listen out for the peace
Space is not empty
It is full of wonder and magic
Full of life-changing prophecies and you are the vessel to eradicate those conspiracies that try to tell you about yourself
Never mislead your spirit
Navigate with ease
Use your intuition
It never misleads
Use your peripheral
See the unseen into existence
Take your armour with you
Apply sandalwood paste on sacred parts of your body
Kiss the ground
You are free

Poet Bio

Angela Nimah, is a South African creative entrepreneur, musician, writer, illustrator, crochet designer and founder of crochet & knitwear clothing brand R V L™. She started taking interest in the arts at an early age. While other kids would play in the streets, she would spend time reading, sketching and writing. In school, she participated in extramural art and dance classes, poetry and reading clubs. She studied visual arts and design at The National School of Arts before matriculating in 2009. She then went on to study journalism and media studies. This would later become a reminder of her love for literacy and literature.

2012 was the kick-start to her music career. One of her friends from college heard her music and shortly after that she was introduced to Lex Makgothi, who was at the time studying sound engineering at the of Sound Engineering (ASE) at the SABC. It was there that she began recording her first compilation of music which she self-categorised as Voodoo Soul.

Her first EP offering, The Avolution, produced by iamx, was released on April 18, 2014. The word Avolution is derived from the words ‘evolution’ and ‘avocardo’. Since green is the colour of growth, vegetation and fertilisation and evolution is about change and improvement, the EP supports the movement of going green and promotes balance and transformation. Her creative direction follows very few rules; pushing the envelope through her artistry by evoking society’s way of thinking.

Her second EP release, Diagnosis produced by Blister Jay Pop, released on April 18, 2015, was a transition in her spiritual and personal growth. The subject matter focuses on the stereotypes and stigmas attached to human conditions amongst artists and how those coincide with spirituality. She openly expresses her reality of what it’s like to be an unconventional artist who is almost always boxed into an idea based purely on her aesthetics, which in essence is just a perception: people will only see what they want to see without taking into consideration that artists are people too. The message transmuted into her third offering, The Odd One In produced by Mpho Maneta released April 19, 2016. With a much mature sound, The Odd One addresses issues of love, self-acceptance, change and new beginnings. It aims to share food-for-thought and healing. She’s done two other collaborative EP projects with producer Emamkay (Ankh Mind); Sunday Nectar and Patterns in 2017.

Influenced by R&B, soul, hip-hop, jazz, tribal and funk, Angela Nimah draws out inspiration from artists like Erykah Badu, Jill Scott, Aya, Goapele, Simphiwe Dana, Cama Gwini, Zap Mama, Amel Larruiex, Musiq Soul Child, Dwele and some of the more recent indie and soul artists.

She’s performed at Ram Jam Soul Sundays, Soweto Camp Festival, Where’s The Beef Women’s Expo, The Feminist Touch Series, The Boombox Hip Hop Show, Word N Sound open mics, Cuddle Sessions, 1Billion Rising, Woke Social in Pretoria, Kitcheners Bar, just to name a few. As an entrepreneur and clothing designer she’s known for her crochet and knitwear designs under the brand RVL or Revolution Validates Life. The brand aims to change the ideas around fashion and fashion trends in South Africa, bringing a unique style through craftsmanship.

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