Güelgues Fosilizaes / Fossilized Footprints by Xe M. Sánchez

Xe M. Sánchez | Jun 17th, 2019 | poetry | No Comments


El ser humanu
foi diseñáu p’apiancar,
p’agüeyar l’otru llau
de les montañes,
p’atopar el vellocinu d’oru,
p’atopar l’Atlántida
y los poemes escaecíos
de los nómades.
Los nuesos pies dexarán
güelgues fosilizaes
peles caleyes,
comu los dinosaurios.
Les nueses pallabres
sedrán el semenciu
del nuesu mitu.

English Translation

The human being
was designed to walk,
to see the other side
of the mountains,
to find the Golden Fleece,
to find Atlantis
and the forgotten poems
of nomads.
Our feet will leave
fossilized footprints
over the roads,
like the dinosaurs.
Our words
will be the seed
of our myth.

Poet Bio

Xe M. Sánchez was born in Grau (Asturies, Spain). He received his Ph. D. in History from the University of Oviedo in 2016, he is an anthropologist and he also studied Tourism and three masters. He has published in Asturian language seven books and several publications in journals and reviews in Asturies, USA, Portugal, France, Sweden, Scotland, Australia, South Africa, India, Italy, England, Canada, Reunion Island, China and Belgium.

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