Gypsy by Keneuoe Setai

Keneuoe Setai | April 14th, 2018 | poetry | No Comments

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hopscotch in and out with different consorts
ducking and diving before feelings get
too deep.
No, I’m not promiscuous.
just like the feisty feeling when they
are excited by me
When the buds of infatuation
begin to sprout and all they want on their lips
is my mouth
When the tones of my milked coffee
skin makes them want to breathe in the
aroma of my aura
just like to dazzle them and shine
I am a diamond in the daylight
and when night falls
I become an orange moon
But always before the fire consumes
make no mistakes I leave my lover
before he has thoughts of a forever
The gypsy in me departs to the next
phase of momentary insanity.
To enchant one then leave again.

Poet Bio

Keneuoe currently resides in Johannesburg and is a lover of written and spoken work. By profession, she is in the publishing industry but by heart, she is in art.

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