Hang on by Mapitsane Maila

Mapitsane Maila | February 5th, 2010 | poetry | No Comments

Just hang on right there
Like a soldier at war
Holding his gun kissing the picture of a beloved one
Imagining what will happen if he doesn’t pull the trigger
Fighting like there is no tomorrow

Hang on
Just keep on hanging
Like a man who dreams about peace
And Sacrifices his life to make it happen
Taking risks to live his dream and hanging on for dear life

Hang on
Like a man who take bullet for the nation
And the man who risks his life for his only son
The man who sleeps with one eye open
To rescue the love of his life who have been wounded
By the horrors of this nations

Hang on right there, I mean right there
It might take time but it will happen
Just stay strong and keep your head up all the time
He answers when the time is right
He keeps us going , day and night.

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