Harmony by Heather Peat

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Poet Bio

In the farmers search for the right hand
He roams the earth until he finds this land

He spies a field with a wall of corn
All at once his idea takes form

Golden corn dancing and swaying in the breeze
He smells the earth as he drops to his knees

In the distance he glimpses a wild rose hedge
With trembling knees he stands and makes his pledge

Admiring the contours of the undulating terrain
His hands mold the earth she doesn’t complain

Earth’s bed now ready for the farmer’s seed
Time for the cycle of creation to proceed

Sun rays gently kiss the earth making her warm
Preparing the ground for the mounting storm

Thunder crashes lightning dashes across the sky
Dark clouds turn into electric charges and stellify

Shafts of rain pierce the earth and make her glow
Her silhouette the crests of waves in a starlit show

Howling winds rage over the earth making her moan
Calm winds blowing soft whispers after the gale has flown

The earth’s womb impregnated with farmer’s seed
Farmer and Mother Earth call the seedlings to succeed

Poet Bio

Heather Peat is a mature student who is studying creative writing. It is her ambition to write poetry, short stories for children and crime novels for adults, and hopefully have her work published. (UK)


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