Harvesting The Vastness Of Dreams by Dark Plasma

Dark Plasma | Nov 24th, 2022 | poetry | No Comments


My deferred dreams dispersed like snowflakes
As they fell from the swing of the moon’s hammock
Leaving the protective cradle of the constellations,
Nesting amongst the stars’ brilliant installations,
And slowly came drifting down on a blank canvas
Parachuting in, my unbirthed universe.

From the edge of the blanketing darkness
I became a bridge to harvesting the vastness
My mouth an echo as I spoke with a roar-like-thunder
Rumbling rolling mountains to summit and start their wander
My words became the day and my silence became the night
Seasons became conversations between moonlight and sunlight

I’m in the powerful mind of the crisp whirlwind,
Folding and unfolding as I twist and unwind,
Into a new bind whose fading light’s regaining power
Flaring up in the atmosphere like a meteor shower
I’m in the memory of eternal love, its living monument
Its lantern, its eternal flame, as deeply felt from this moment

My hands are waving flags, a new sensation
Accepting their red-hot glow as a new creation
Born a blind soul, I see clearly now through my palms
Feeling my way through art and heart, arm in arm
Where my hands shall fail me, I’ll use my words
And if words too should fail, I’ll gladly string some cords

My mouth hit the golden dust below like a spade
Churning the pain into how brown sugar’s made
Into sweet dreams like kisses with honey lips
Into a genie in a bottle, I can have forever, for keeps
How the world would truly be ours, a dream come true
How the full of the moon would shine nightly, through and through

My ears are unbroken treelines, through deep roots
Listening from deep beneath the drill of marching boots
My ancestors’ dreams are the ghosts of broken promises
Continuing their most important work beyond their Rest In Peace
And my soul will not rest, not until my dreams finally eclipse theirs
Because theirs were based on the fear of us being unable to fulfill ours

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. A sketch artist, a painter, and sculptor. I love the psychedelic effect of rock music. It’s poetic lyrics and composition. My dream is to paint a collection based on all my over 600 poems.

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