He Left A Long Time Ago by Nomsa Motale

Nomsa Motale | November 10th, 2017 | poetry | 1 Comment

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Twinkle twinkle little star
How I wonder what you are
A superhero?
Or a storm?
Perhaps you are a hurricane
Or a wave

How can someone so strong
Watch the clock as it twists and turns
Waiting for it to give you a sign
Waiting for it to tell you when to move

O’ darling, you should have moved
When you felt the lump in your throat every time you thought about calling him
You should have moved when the tears in your eyes started to create a home on your lap

You should have moved when the sadness started to dance on your shoulders
When your smile was as invisible as the rainbow

When your walk was no longer a song
But a reminder of the heaviness you decided to carry from waiting

Could you not see that every time he complained about the way you love him
Was just a sign that he has already made room for something else in his heart

Could you not see that no matter how hard you tried, his heart was full and it was not from or for you

Cause had it been for you
You would not wonder if he still feels the same
Your tongue wouldn’t speak about how he has hurt you
Your knees would not have carpet burns from all the times you would pray and ask God how to make him stay

He had already left a long time ago
Before you prayed
He left when he decided to leave you with tracks of inconsistency
Constantly keeping you waiting for something to change

Do not confuse love and loyalty
As something that forces you to stay where you are no longer feel welcomed

Poet Bio

Nomsa is a writer who is a fashion lover, artist. She loves good food and good vibes.

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1 thought on “He Left A Long Time Ago by Nomsa Motale”

  1. this one got me very emotional. you were able to express comic relief on the part of the audience. come to think of it im sure your audience would have been compelled to think that the person in question had died rather than just left literally

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