He Never Belonged To You by Nomsa Motale

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You buttered his bread
Whenever your heart was broken
You are the one that bled
You would cover his scars with your tears
That alone wasn’t enough

You tried to heal his wounds
Even though yours were exposed in the cold
You didn’t care cause it was always about him
Fighting for his affection
Longing for his attention
Fixing your mind on believing that this was love
It couldn’t be a lie,I mean you worked to damn to watch this fall apart

All those times he looked into your eyes and told you that he cared
All the times he said he would always be there
All the times he said that you were all he ever needed
If he really needed you
Why were you always pleading for him to put you first?
Why couldn’t his love just flow naturally
Convincing yourself that things would get better,that you wouldn’t have to teach him how to love you

I know women like us are sometimes a bit too much
We call too much,care too much,love too much
Placing ourselves in broken hands
Always thinking that we have to prove ourselves so we can feel needed

So we pleaded and even when their hearts refused to acknowledge us
We held on because we were taught never to give up
But how do you hold on,when someone has already moved on subconsciously
How do you train someone’s heart and soul to accept you?never to neglect you
How do you teach someone to accept you with your tainted flaws?

They told you not to scare him off
So every time he ignored you it felt natural to you because you were so use to being shifted aside
They told you not to give too much
So even when your heart wanted to create colours you only showcased a side to you that imitated black and blue
Altering your personality so you couldn’t drive him away
But the truth is he was never yours and you were never his

Poet Bio

I’m a young creative who loves music and art. I’m a writer and I usually spend most of my time with my poetry book,headsets or sketch book.


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