Heartbeat by Ayabulela Tutuse

Ayabulela Tutuse | May 1st, 2009 | poetry | No Comments

The heartbeat of Africa is slowly dying / The beat that was once heard from all 4 corners of the world/Vibrant/So loud / but today it’s territory is taken over by the bitter screams of evil / Izolo i aborted ubuntu cutting the umbilical cord with the same dagger we used to repeatedly stab love, joy and hope in the back / By planting a seed of evil in our hearts / Letting dark blood run in our veins / Blood of hatred / Erasing all that uMama and uTata has taught us/Loving thy neighbour / Forgetting that she was the one that left a warm meal on our cracked doorstep when uGogo couldn’t provide / But namhlanje when we hear screams / we put on our headphones to try enter another sphere / And say to ourselves: ‘Let her deal with her own demons’ / But I ask myself, what kind of a woman deserves? / What kind of a woman deserves to cry everynight? / Wondering where she went wrong / Because her little angels of yesterday’s hope are today’s nightmare / Her little demons, beating and bruising her with words, actions on the regular / But we put on our headphones and try enter another sphere / The world is a dangerous place not because of the things that happen but because of the people that watch and let it happen / Einstein was right / If he only knew that those words would be the explanation of the muting of the heartbeat of Africa / The flame is dying / No more wood to keep the fire burning / The heartbeat is dying and so the bitter screams of evil be the rhythm of tomorrow.

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