Hello Resolutions, my old friend!

Quaz | January 1st, 2018 | editorial | 2 Comments

Yes! We have crossed the threshold. We are now officially a few hours deep into the new year. We here at Poetry Potion wish you all nothing but love happiness, poetry, music, and books.(Necessary ingredients for a healthy existence, they say.)

It is that time of the year; Hello Resolutions, my old friend! Conversations are bulging with promises that folks are making to themselves. To do this or that in order to become this or that. To cast away inhibiting fears, to love and hold self through another year. To protect and find self throughout another year. To read more books (One of mine), to make more time for family and less for energy thieves. And then, of course, the “I’m gonna quit smoking and go to the gym, and follow this diet that tells me to eat two spoonfuls of air and a generous gulp of rice cake infused water only.” resolution. That one comes standard with every new year. All cynicism aside, the point is, we want to be better. We are always consciously and subconsciously, striving to surpass our old selves. To make the transition. To excel.

A poem, that is very close to my heart, ‘Transformation by Myesha Jenkins beautifully lays bare our common desire for “the next me”:

Who I was is not who I am.
And who I am is not who I will be.

Some bits falling off.
Other parts sprouting.

Inside of this cocoon.
I dream of flight.

Transform, you butterfly you, transform! Unfold your wings. Claim your sky. Live the life you deserve. Be alive and present in every moment. As Maya Angelou said; “Life loves the liver of it.
Live. Transform. Become. Reaffirm and envision yourself.

Ok, all of this might read very “Kumbaya”, because, well, by 5 pm on January 01 of any year, we have all conveniently forgotten our resolutions (and directions to that gym.) But it is the beautiful intention of wanting to be better that instills hope and urgency. The realization that there is a better version of me out there. That my decisions and behaviour will either bring me to life or smother me in the same mundane fruitless cycle. The choice is obvious.

William Wordsworth said “Life is divided into three terms – that which was, which is, and which will be. Let us learn from the past to profit by the present, and from the present to live better in the future.

Sankofa, basically. Learn and take only that which is valuable, from your past. We are all heading towards our future selves. The road there is designed specifically for you. You own the estate of your future. Act accordingly.

Good luck with the resolutions and, again, happy new year friends. We look forward to sharing more poetry with you and providing a platform for poets from around the world. Please look after yourselves this year. May love, peace and happiness fill your days. Savour each instant. And remember, if you write a poem about it, the moment lasts forever.


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