HER by Adetola Adedipe

Adetola Adedipe | June 7th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

Innocent child with the history of millions embedded in her soul.
A holder of futures yet to come and pasts gone.
A body covered in scars and yet her eyes carry hope.
Take a look into her sky and see silver lines.

Look at her.

She carries the burden of infinite men, women and children on her shoulders.
We hold her in our arms and still feel like she is the one protecting us.
Yet what have we done to deserve her unconditional trust?

We drain her for all she’s worth but she hangs on even though we have turned her into another of the earth’s battlegrounds.

Remember her.

She was there before we found things like the Bible and steel.
She was there and she waits here still.

Waiting for us to give her the care we’re supposed to.
Waiting for us to let her grow up the way she deserves to.

Waiting for us to show her that she doesn’t need to regret being born
and that she doesn’t need to regret being the soil from which our seeds will take form.

Hear her
Hear the screams of her people.
The blood spilled,
the sweat and tears from which her rivers are filled
and decades later her children bleed, sweat and cry- fighting for same things their ancestors died for…

See her in all her beauty
See her in all her entirety.
See her for who she is and what she could become because she is the land that we are marching on.

See us banding together for something that should be given to all – education.
For a nation who’s parents barely knew the meaning of the word.
For the richer using her riches to get richer
and the poorer scrambling for whats left and remaining the poorer.

To fight for what you need
to learn what you need
to earn what you need
to feed the people that need you…
the way you used to need the people who fed you.

Feel her shiver.
She’s suffering.
and we’re the ones who hurt her.

Poet Bio

Adetola is a Nigerian South African currently studying in Canada. She’s been writing poems since she was in high school and she was encouraged by her friends to attend open mic nights to share her poetry. Now she writes to feel closer to home and her loves ones.

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