her mind for hire by Nadine Juta

Nadine Juta | April 4th, 2016 | a poem a day challenge, poetry | No Comments

Poet Bio

She closes her eyes,
She tries not to cry,
But she knows on the inside,
Her heart is to die.

She whispers in fear,
She calls out a name,
She tries to hide her tears,
She tries to hide her shame.

She falls into depths,
A darkness forbidden,
She cries to the light,
But fears as the hidden.

She stumbles and falls,
Watch the flow of blood start,
Ripped at the seams,
She tears herself apart.

Alas, it is over,
Her heart has been spent,
Her mind is for hire,
Her soul for rent.

Poet Bio

Nadine is a poet striving to be recognized, striving to share her love for poetry with those around her.

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