Her Strides – for Caster Semenya by Dark Plasma

Dark Plasma | January 20th, 2021 | poetry | No Comments


A self-assured progressive projectile
Locked on its target like a heat seeking missile
A confident smile all the while
Marvellous like a polished marble tile
Strong, but fragile
An ambiguous profile
To remain unresolved, a mystery file
Trendy, always in style
Smooth like a silky textile..
Recording the soundtrack of an African girl
Around the fears of her world record-breaking goal
A lioness on the prowl
Hear her roar, fear her growl
The feminization of a species
A natural selection of beauties
A demeanor so feline
A manner so divine
An awesome flawless design
A perfect being born to reign
A mind map that he can neither navigate nor define
A mosaic that only He can refine

Her stride is easy
It is a charge to envy
It is a march through boundaries and norms
A journey of a million no(s) to correctly completed forms
An irrational continuation to an unknown, but promising destination
The premonition to know, to sacrifice for the unborn generation
A hope that peace will come no matter how dark the skies
The intuition to continue to love when only hate fills the air with cries
An incessant knock on that closed door
The insatiable hunger to always wanting to know more
A road laden with thorns and paved with broken glass
A never ending test in an unassailable class
At times, it is a burdened conquest
A seemingly impossible quest
At the end of which the rewards are already taken
A rigged race, the winner already chosen
The credit to someone less deserving
Her pain from a tradition undiscerning
But she’s unstoppable like a silver bullet
Hitting with penetrating impact like a mullet
Her dreams riding on the tail of a comet
Untouchable like a rocket to a far away planet
Decorated, an achievement in perseverance
This is an acknowledgement of her undeniable presence
The order of a female monarchy
Womanhood atop the hierarchy
A proven recipe
Patriarchy’s failed conspiracy

Poet Bio

I’m an aspiring writer. A sketch artist, painter and sculpture. A lover of most forms of art. A runner and general sportsman.

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