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in every home
library space
is a must for minds that roam
to wink like stars in the dark space
where aliens fly blindly like bats
navigating through life for knowledge
where eyes chew pages like rats
where scientists dare standing on cliff’s edge
dangling on thin threads like spiders
digging knowledge from books like sniffer dogs
daring on Mount Everest like rock riders
only to be buried under icy graves like dry logs

my life is a drama book
wherein i’m the main character
who readers’ mind hook
with my weirdness as an actor
in the drama of life’s scenes
knitted together into a plot
watched on big TV screens
as curtains of my life open
before the sea of eyes
as i scenes of my life pen
painted with blue lies
twisted into naked truth
but one page of my life
got torn out by jealous a hand
so i abort my millions of Rand

my life lays bare like a novel book
without magnetic pitch that hook

Poet Bio

Amos Tebeila is a published poet and author of a novel, residing in Middelburg, Mpumalanga province.

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